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Chris Essentials (born Christopher Catalano in Kansas City, Missouri, USA) is a Deep House DJ, Music Creator and founder of  Chris has played various gigs throughout the United States and has reached millions of “House Heads” world wide online through his monthly Deep House Essential Seasons Sessions.

Musical Influences in My Early Years

As an 1980s kiddo, I was extremely fortunate growing up with a father who was a musical enthusiast of all genres of music.  Many evenings were spent with my Pop’s Marantz Hi-Fi Stereo playing the likes of Paul Hardcastle, The Alan Parson’s Project, Pink Floyd, Eurythmics, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac, INXS, George Michael, Prince, New Order, Duran Duran, Madonna, Stevie Wonder, The Ohio Players, Mass Production, Hall and Oates.  All in which I still love today.  These artists and many others were a major influence on my musical tastes with the 70s and 80s synthesizer chords and sounds.

One of my first major purchases was a set of 12″ woofer three way speakers connected to a 1970s amplifier to fill my room with lots of music at a more than moderate level.  Many thanks to my parents for letting me shake the house and explore every genre of music new and old.  I have been on the hip hop kick, hair bands, 1970s disco, 1980’s synth pop, 1990s grunge, early 1990s hard rock (in between songs I would get asked by my Pop: “what are they so mad about??”) you name it.  Through all the different types of music out there, I have always been drawn back to house music.  Just love the feel good vibes and sounds.

Chris Essentials Hi-Fi Stereo
House Music always sounds better through a Class A Amplifier and high volume!

How Chris Essentials Deep House Mixes Started

My love for house music started in the early 1990’s walking through Streetside Records in Westport and hearing this electronic beat that instantly peaked my curiosity. The song was so simple, yet I did not understand why I liked it. I was in Youth Orchestra at the time and all music in my world had more than four sounds. After asking what type of music was being played I was told: “house music bro from Chicago, speaks to some people…others not so much!” My introduction to house music and techno music was slow to start due to the lack of influence in Kansas City at that time.  As the internet came about and I traveled more, I was introduced to more and more house music.

In today’s online world, I rarely get to a record store to thumb through new LPs searching for new music.  The caveat now is the instant gratification of clicking through amazing house music online!  I started creating one deep house mix a month to post online but could not wait until the next month to create a new mix.  I therefore decided to start creating two mixes a month in between side gigs and named my mixes “Essential Season Sessions” influenced by the ever changing seasons of the year.

Season of

In my house music journey thus far I have ran into several other individuals who are like minded and not touring on the world circuit.  We all have different reasons for putting together house music mixes but all have one thing in common; the desire to be heard by the masses for all to enjoy!  One day while listening to a popular house music show, I had the epiphany to create my own weekly Sunday Session showcasing other house DJ Talent.  Many of the current online shows have massive restrictions and will only feature the top rated guests.  Nothing wrong with this restriction as the guest DJs are amazing, but there are so many other individuals around the world who never get a shot of being heard by many others.  Seasons Of House (SOH) is created specifically for all House DJs large and small.  Does not matter if you have never played a major club or gig.  Weekly Sunday shows will be posted with the first hour featuring a guest House DJ playing any of the various forms of House Music, followed up in the second hour by myself.

All songs played have been purchased with a minimum quality of 320kbps and mixed and mastered with a Pioneer XDJRX2, Marantz Class A Amplifiers, Apple Logic ProX, and Numark EQs.


Nothing better than sitting down and thumbing through tracks putting together an instrumental story.  Super grateful for my musical up bringing and my better half who tolerates my high volume living room and bedroom studio sessions!  I am super grateful for the opportunity to mix amazing music.  Thanks to all the amazing artists out there creating music for us all to enjoy.

Be sure to shoot me an email to chat, or submit your house music mix to be featured on Seasons of House!

Chris Essentials


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